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Celebrating 10 Years at Telebank – Meet Tannis, our General Manager

24 Feb 2023

We recently caught up with Tannis-Madison Carty, our General Manager, as she celebrated working for Telebank for over a decade. We asked Tannis to share some insights into her working life. This is what Tannis said:

"I have worked at Telebank serving the not-for-profit sector for the past ten years. For the past seven years I have been General Manager, ensuring that the whole organisation runs efficiently and smoothly across our staff and client bases. I manage the financials, accounts and sales, directly reporting to our Managing Director, Diane Birchall.

I joined in 2012 as an Account Manager and since then I have been promoted through the ranks in the following four roles, developing my skillset along the way:

  • Account Manager: client relationship management, extracting and auditing data, internal campaign planning and training, and organisational skills.
  • Office Supervisor: managing staff, low level HR, client escalation, internal planning, development of leadership skills, problem solving, managing budgets and cost approval, and preparing board reports.
  • Office Manager: high level HR tasks, delegation, creation of new ideas and concepts, client resolution, internal escalation.
  • General Manager: evaluation of board reports, top level reporting, budget control, profit and loss reporting, management of all wider teams and supervisors.

Everything I do is aimed towards keeping everything tight and steady, increasing efficiencies and maintaining the highest service standards for the benefit of all our charity clients. Even in turbulent economic times like the present, my job is to keep everything rock solid and secure – it’s one thing less for our charity clients to worry about.

Since the start of my career at Telebank, I have been able to grow professionally whilst learning a whole new range of skills. Our charity-expert services are ever-expanding, and it has been gratifying to pass on the benefits of new ideas and innovation on to our clients, and to practice flexible management styles that optimise our efficiency and processes – something that also benefits clients.

The most important part of my growth as a manager has been solidifying my leadership skills, understanding the best way to work with our staff to develop them and in turn the company. We exist to serve the charity sector, and ultimately that is at the core of everything I do.

Every day brings new challenges and tests my skills and knowledge within our company and the not-for-profit sector we work in. I particularly love speaking with charity clients to deliver workable solutions that make a difference. Ensuring we provide the best services possible to help charities increase their impact is what makes me come into work with a smile and determination each day."

Diane Birchall, Managing Director at Telebank said:

“Tannis brings her sunny, positive, and can-do personality to work every day and, as General Manager, Tannis’s work ethic sets a fantastic example to the team in Slough, Tannis is a professional, enthusiastic and hard-working individual who cares passionately about her staff, and our charity clients. I would like to thank Tannis for her decade of service to Telebank and the not-for-profit sector and look forward to many more years of success.”

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