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Coronavirus - How Can Telebank Help?

17 Mar 2020

Since the escalation of the Covid 19 pandemic several of our existing clients have reached out and asked us to extend our service provision as part of their continency plans.

These emergency changes include the re-direction of post from head offices allowing for correspondence from supporters to be monitored even during your office closures. During these exceptional circumstances, we are able to fully utilise our in-house IT team to ensure that emergency appeal and client set ups can be conducted as swiftly as possible in order to reduce any impact on our client’s supporter care experience. As a response handling house that works exclusively in the Third Sector - we are well equipped at managing emergency appeal set ups.

Telebank have ongoing contingency plans surrounding any infections and major interruptions on operational activities. We are confident that our normal data capture, banking and thanking procedures will continue with limited impact on our usual service level of 72 hours from post receipt to banking.

If we do become unable to use our facilities in Slough due to contamination or high level of staff absence, we have a contingency plan to switch operations to our parent company. Staff members of Telebank would relocate for a period of time and post re-directed.

Through robust technical solutions and thorough cross-training we hope to continue with minimal adjustments to our regular operations. However, should the situation escalate, we are fully prepared to transfer operations to another facility as well as implement PCI and GDPR compliant remote working solutions.

Whether you are an existing client or a third sector organisation concerned about the impact of office closures, we are able to help with short or long term response handling services in this unprecedented circumstance.

For further information please contact us or call 01753 515 522

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