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A Message from the Managing Director

15 Jun 2020

To All Our Loyal and Appreciative Charities,

On behalf of our entire team at Telebank, I would personally like to take this opportunity to provide you with several updates related to the services we provide to your charity.

Firstly, I would like to extend my appreciation for the countless examples of our clients reaching out in support of the Telebank Team during this time. We are so grateful for your kind words about our performance during this very difficult period of our lives.

The health and wellbeing of our employees and our charities is TOP PRIORITY. Some of our staff due to health reasons, elderly parents, or require childcare, are continuing to work at home for the next month. However, we are working with our staff to accommodate their needs with part time work where possible.

We are conducting many video calls with our clients through Zoom or Teams which is proving invaluable in communication, so please do not hesitate in arranging this with us to keep in touch at your convenience. We are always both grateful and appreciative of your partnership with Telebank during this time, and for your caring and compassion for our team (some who have been working additional hours plus 6 days a week to ensure all responses are being dealt with in a timely manner).

Secondly, I would like to inform you that we have now completed our office extension which has allowed us to take painstaking measures to ensure business continuity and our commitments to you as a charity are constantly upheld.

Our IT team are working tirelessly to enhance our systems and we are currently implementing the reading of a QR code to give even greater data accuracy, whilst still offering the more traditional methods for bespoke artwork.

In these times we are required to present our very best capabilities with understanding, patience and compassion. Each Charity and member of staff is like an extended family member to us, and like a family, we understand and endeavour to anticipate your needs and requirements. As we emerge from COVID-19, please be rest assured we are here to assist you in any way, if you need any extra assistance with Events, Merchandise, Raffles, Membership please do not hesitate in contacting us.

We are always required to present our very best capabilities, however in these difficult times our team strive to show a better understanding, patience and compassion to you and your supporters.

On behalf of us all at Telebank we are truly committed to achieving the best possible results together.

Keep safe and well.

Kindest regards

Diane grey

Diane Birchall

Managing Director

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