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Direct Debits

Direct debit management is provided to our clients through Committed Giving.


Telebank's Direct Debit Service

Committed Giving (part of the Group) integrates directly with Telebank’s systems architecture, ensuring data is managed securely and also allows the immediate lodgement of instructions, thus reducing setup time and lowering rates of attrition.
Via our fulfilment service, we are also able to handle your on-going requirements for new instructions, amendments, cancellations and triggered communications.

The secure online management portal allows complete flexibility to administer any aspect of the direct debit processing service, including adding or applying changes to mandates. All actions are fed through in real-time supporting any further fulfilment requirements. Suite reports are available allowing you to review performance of campaigns or extract data to be imported to any in-house CRM.

The module is fully integrated with Telebank System, ensuring the transfer of data in real time to support any fulfilment requirements and on-going direct debit processing.

Committed Giving are one of the leading providers of web-based fundraising, marketing and supporter services. Direct debit, e-commerce, stock management, event booking, sponsorship and membership schemes are just the few of the optional innovative add on modules and tools Committed Giving can provide.

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Data Processing

Telebank can assist with any paper sign ups from direct mail appeals, capturing supporter and bank data. The associated data is posted to Committed Giving’s secure environment for authorisation and processing via a real time API. Any exceptions are fed back, enabling supporters to be contacted.

Further details on Committed Giving can be found at www.committedgiving.com

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