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Raffle Processing for Charities

We realise it is not just about collecting money, we enable you to maximise your return on investment and minimise the charities workload, engaging with your supporters in a secure, compliant and highly efficient manner.


Charity Raffle Processing Service

Telebank understand the world of fundraising has changed. Fundraisers are faced with new challenges daily and the way supporters donating trends evolve through times of austerity, media and social movements.

We have a wealth of experience through our loyal and dedicated raffle and processing teams, who ensure you and your supporters, experience an efficient and seamless process. Throughout the response handling process, Telebank can commit to provide the following services:

  • Process responses from raffle tickets
  • Fulfil and manage additional ticket requests
  • Host draws for charities
  • Process and code all entries after the close date as donations
  • Provide an electronic ticketing and draw management system
  • Conduct early bird or fast responders draw
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Efficient Processing

Telebank utilises latest technologies and automation, however, with raffle appeals, we adopt the traditional method of processing.

  • Systems are programmed to recognise the value of ticket sales
  • Splits within tickets and donations
  • Reconciliation of ticket number ranges
  • Sold tickets processing

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